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georgia_porter New Year, new me? Thanks to the amazing @kristin_ess for the awesome make over and for promising not to hate me when in a month I ask her to change it back to blonde before I head to London to be Madame in The Maids (yes, this is a total shameless self-promotion). Time to find out if brunettes really do do it better or find out if pitting hair colors against each other is just ridiculous. I'm leaning toward the later 💇 #BrownHairDontCare #ByeByeBlonde #HashBrownNoFilter #HelpMeComeUpWithMoreRidiculousHashTags view all 513 comments teo.fina #holyshityourgorgeous

the_creativepencil 😍😍😍

dfwsmilelabs Did you just quote Kimmy Schmidt? #outsideinliving

simonebiacchi_ i luved u as regina n mean girls #sofetch

summermoose omg @snugglezzz6 she's going to be in the maids!! we gotta see her. im buying tickets now

leopard_the_titan #youlookbetterasablonde

never_ride_bitch #quitruiningghostbusters

kellyann0922 You'll Probably Never See This But I'm One Of Your Biggest Fans And Wanted To Say You're So Underrated And Pretty. I've Liked You Ever Since 8 Simple Rules And Am Glad You're Still Acting Because You're Hilarious.

fabulous1996 god daaaayum 💦💦 i heard you and declan mcalarney were dating #luckybasterd

dragonhues #mesohungee #mesohungee

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