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full name georgia lynn porter dob + age october 11 1986 + 29 occupation actress born + raised chicago, illinois residence los angeles, california status taken
ghostbusters (2016) post-production jillian holtzmann how to be single (2016) alison brie's role the night before (2015) betsy a million ways to die in the west (2014) louise the lego movie (2014) unikitty bad milo (2013) sarah rapture-palooza (2013) lindsay lewis the to do list (2013) amber seeking a friend for the end of the world (2012) katie / the waitress what to expect when you're expecting (2012) skyler the house bunny (2008) joanne john tucker must die (2006) carrie 40 year old virgin (2005) marla mean girls (2004) regina george
"love" (2016-) mickey "lip sync battle" (2015) herself (alison brie) "bojack horseman" (2014-) diane nguyen / vincent adultman / olivia / etc "community" (2008-2015) britta perry "the league" (2012) gina gibiatti "robot chicken" (2005-2008) evie ethel garland / gloria baker / shana "scarlet" o'hara / various voices "8 simple rules" (2002-2005) bridget hennessy "freaks and geeks" (1999-2000) millie kenter
the maids (west end february 29, 2016 to may 21, 2016) madame

For as long as she could remember, georgia porter knew she was going to be an actress. While it might have been one of the typical childhood fantasies, along with marrying jonathan taylor thomas, she did all that she could to help fulfill that. Instead of spending summers with her friends, she begged her parents to let her go to drama camps. She carried that begging over into getting her way so she could join a children's acting troupe that met on weekends and after school during the school year. Despite her passion and drive, she never got to be the star of the plays, which was partly due to the fact that she was the chubby kid and played the lovable side kick better than the main actor.

After begging her parents all year long in 1998, georgia's mother, denise, agreed to take her to los angeles during her vacation so she could audition for roles. Without knowing anyone, the pair packed their suitcases and wished the boys of the family good luck as the left for vacation. Playing the part of momager, denise ended up getting georgia a few auditions. One in particular, freaks and geeks, which happened to be directed by producer, and up and coming director, judd apatow. Upon getting the role, the family decided to relocate to los angeles while georgia followed her dreams and appeared on tv.

Despite the series only lasting one season, it gave georgia the bug to pursue her ambitions even more. It took two years, but slowly georgia started booking steady work as an actress. Winning casting directors over with her goofy personality, she found herself in a various comedic roles, ranging from a supporting actress to even one of the main stars. She even took on her first role that required her not only to act, but to showcase her singing abilities.

In 2008, georgia found herself with a steady gig, starring as britta on nbc' community. The role was one of a lifetime, giving her not only steady work, but a way to break the idea of her only being able to play high school students. It also opened the door to more film roles that she was struggling to get scripts for, and gave her a fan following she could have never expected due to the cult following the show acquired.

Since taking up her role as britta, georgia has found success within the acting world. Taking up the title of funny girl, she hasn't taken it upon herself to break that mold