Mon, Apr 24 9:07 PM
I have my ticket booked porgie!!
What dates did you book it for?
18 - 27
Wut should I bring to wear?
Something nice for the night(s) you’re wanting to come see the play but besides that, whatever’s clever!
U r no help
I mean, I wear pajamas out in public so I don’t know if you want to take fashion advice from me.
Why don’t you ask Sarah? She loves shopping/clothes.
Cuz Sarah will have dress half my age
Ask Ashley?
She’s 10. Y would she dress her gma?
Cause she gets embarrassed when Sarah dresses half her age, she’ll help you out.
Wed, Apr 26 6:00 PM
Dad says he’s sorry he won’t be there
I justi pe talked to him last night about it, he’s crazy.
He wants to meet Declan’s family
I’m sure there will be other times.
But he thinks u 2 are getting serious & wants to meet them
He never gets 2 meet ur bf’s family
Ashley Porter
Sat, Apr 30, 6:30 PM
Call Back
Aunt Gigi, it’s Ashley. Grandma wanted me to ask you what she should bring with her to London. She’s asking me help her pack and said I should talk to you for ideas.

She also told me you’re gonna take her to meet your boyfriend. Did you know there’s a picture of you two kissing online? My friend at school saw it and should me cause she thinks he’s super cute. She saw him in that new movie about zombies. I don’t remember what it’s called but she thought he was super cute in it and was telling me all about it and when I looked it up, I was like my Aunt Gigi knows him!

Anyway, what should I have grandma pack? Oh and my mom and dad said hi! My dad says you need to come home soon. When are you coming home next? You should come home for my birthday, I’d really like that. I gotta go, we’re heading to Robbie’s baseball game. Love you!
Group MMS
Fri, April 29 03:32 AM
Nathan Porter
Thank the heavens they picked up someone for D
Charlie Porter
They should have gone with Myles Jack. Stupid pick.
Holy crap you guys, it’s 3 am for me.. why did you put me on this group text?
Draft day!!!
Colin Porter
She’s not a real Bears fan.
Charlie Porter
True that. She dated a Bronco after all.
Charlie Porter
You’re a shiity Bears fan G.
I’m a real sleep fan. Have fun watching the draft!
Charlie Porter
If their draft picks turn out bad it’s your fault Georgia
Gnight Porgie!! GO BEARS
Go Bears.