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    I often get asked about my body and how I've become comfortable in it, or do I feel out of place in the entertainment industry. Apparently in Hollywood, it's unheard of to be over a size six. And every time I get asked that, I just sit there and think of the millions of girls around the world who are faced with being told to be uncomfortable in their own skin because they don't look like the girls on the cover of magazines or on the ads in stores. It drives me crazy. Why should we be defined by our waists? I mean seriously. What does the size dress I wear have to do with the type of person I am? The type of person anyone is. It doesn't. If someone wears a size two or a size twenty-two, it doesn't diminish the fact that they are a good person. So for anyone who asks me do I feel uncomfortable in an industry that tries to just say that one type of body is acceptable, I say no. You know why? Because even if all I want to do is make people laugh at the end of the day, I also want to show that all bodies are beautiful. And I want the question about peoples weight to stop because there are more important things in life than body shaming. Like loving yourself for who you are.

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    Look who I found!

    so apparently travis and georgia are hanging out again? i mean i don't know anything about when they dated or whatever but all i remember is seeing cute pictures of them on her instagram when she started doing 2 broke girls and then one day she just stopped posting. but out of no where she posted this but there's been no sightings of them in public or anything so maybe they just ran into each other and that was it [x]
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    A Million Ways To Die In The West - Premiere May 15.

    "It was so weird to have to suck on Neil Patrick Harris' mustache. It wasn't even attached to his face so I accidentally pulled it off a few times. That got me wondering ... is this a thing? Are there people out there sucking on mustaches? Because if so, they're gonna absolutely love this movie. And if people don't go all crazy for mustache rides, they're still going to love this movie."
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    65/100 Ladies: Georgia Porter
    "if you can't laugh at yourself, who can?"

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