hot tub time machine 2 premier 02/19/15

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“My first real role was playing Millie Kentner on Judd (Apatow)'s Freaks and Geeks. It honestly is probably one of my favorite roles to date, not just because I was a fourteen year old living the dream, but because she's been unlike any other character I've played. She's naively hilarious and was so much like an after school special.”

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"It's always hard for me to approach things as being sexy, so anytime I've had to do something that requires any amount of sex appeal, I almost automatically try to bring humor into it. For me, I feel sexiest when I'm being goofy and stupid. Being sexy is all about being comfortable in your own skin and owning who you are."

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Check out a new poster for the newest season of Community, which will premiere on March 17th on it's new home, Yahoo Screen.

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people are such cry babies and you know it's just gonna be a shit ton of "i told you so" if this movie bombs.