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    girlfriend rocked pajamas or sweat pants or whatever while running errands the other day. normally her street style is kinda cute but damn she looks like she doesn't even care. and is it me or does she look like she's getting fat?
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    the first official photo and movie posters are here from the ghostbusters reboot! i have to admit i was nervous at first about the idea of a reboot but seeing all the photos from the set, hearing the cast's passion about the film, plus leslie's jone big fuck you to the haters, and now these? this movie's going to be amazing! can't wait for the trailer. one question though.. where are their eyes?

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    How to be Single -- Official Trailer #2 With Exclusive Intro the Stars -- Regal Cinemas [HD]
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    I generally don't get hit on, which is fine by me because I never want to shoot people down, so the less it happens, the less I have to tell people I'm not interested. But when people do decide to flirt with me, they get weird. Is it strange to say I'd love to hear something [like] "did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" instead of someone ya'know, quoting a movie or tv show I've been on or trying to ask me on some really specific date. The latter is my fault 'cause I mentioned it in an interview before, which is also kind of weird that it's a challenge to out specific the specific horseback riding.
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    Georgia Porter raps Notorious B.I.G.'s "One More Chance" during press junket for The Night Before
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    i heard a rumor that declan mcclarney and georgia porter were dating which is crazy since i've literally heard nothing about this? but apparently she flew to see him a lot while he was filming knights of the round table and hacksaw ridge, and he visited her while she was filming ghostbusters. did no one put two and two together? also where are the pics of them together? how long has this been going on for? i want to ship them but can't even imagine them together. can anyone imagine stephen hawking and regina george together?