only 3 more days until love is on netflix!!


smdh they put out a trailer to tell you when there will be a trailer. But 3.3.16 ya’ll.. can’t wait for this shit.

kanyewestboundanddown SAID:
omg when and why did georgia dye her hair red?

when she posted on instagram that she colored her hair dark, she said she was going to change it back to blonde before her run in the maids which opens on the 20th so my guess is that she’s in the process of going back to blonde.


FEB 15: Georgia Porter spotted with red hair as she heads to the gym in London.


ON VALENTINE’S DAY: I’m the worst at Valentine’s Day.. like, I always seem to forget it, which is completely ridiculous because anytime I’m at a corner store prior to it, I’m buying up candy, pretending it’s for a sweetheart but in all reality, it’s just me sitting on my butt chowing down on chocolate. Somehow though, I never remember it and then always go to the whole ‘love should be celebrated every day’ type of speech when I get called out on that. Oops?


Lego and Mattel recently released prototypes for their Ghostbusters figures.


instagram round up january 2016

Studying my lines like it’s no one’s business! Can’t wait to return to the stage! // There’s a good chance I only stayed like this for a second so someone could take a picture.. and then got my foot stuck. // Nails done.. Dublin here I come! // Gonna be in London between February 20th and May 21st? You should make sure to check out The Maids which stars Uzo Aduba and Zawe Ashton (and yours truly)!